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    Sheer Vertical Blinds looks to combine the best features of drapes and blinds. So while you get to operate them like blinds, lowering and raising them at will, you get to enjoy the benefits of sheer drapes. They help to add class to the windows, protect the rooms from the harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight that can damage your interiors, and provide some privacy. The horizontal sheer shades use two layers of sheer fabric which are connected by solid vanes. When the shades are lowered you can tilt open the vanes to allow light and also allow outside view. When you close the vanes the stripes overlap to block out light and provide you the much-needed privacy. Horizontal sheer shades allow you to get a taste of best of both worlds and address all the needs you have from your window treatments.




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    Sheer Vertical Blinds

    15th January 2024